Why do you need
Mind Companion?
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Why do you need Mind Companion?

Because it is a tool for the mind, that's limitless!


It is important to quantify your emotion everyday and keep a record to see how have you been in the past.


The good sign of mental health is being perspicacious about yourself rather than having false illusions.


Helps you to discover yourself — Several enormous benefits include character building and career advancement.

What Is Mind Companion?

Mind Companion develops mobile apps to tackle the emotional downturns that each one of us potentially faces.

   Emotional journaling

Record moments along with your emotional states pertaining to them. Are you happy? Are you sad? Write down your feelings and then discover yourself by stepping through your memories.

   Mood regulation

Keep track of your daily moods to get a better insight into how they change, what triggers them and where you can make adjustments. Learn how your daily activities affect your mood.

   Preemptive response

Our solution analyzes the pattern of your mood changes from your mood logs and proactively provides positive affirmations to help you let go of negative, self-defeating emotions.

   Affective computing

Through wearable technology, our solution tracks your daily physical activities and your biosignals to determine any potential emotional distress and responds preemptively.

   Tested therapy

Our solution applies tried and tested behavioral and mood regulation therapy designed for individuals with Asperger's high-functioning autism who are more prone to mood swings and emotional downturns.

   Exclusive circle

Form exclusive, closed social networks with people that matter to you the most, i.e. people who really care about you. Share your feelings with them to help them understand you better.

And many more features to be unveiled when the time comes.


beautiful MIND 2

A personal mood journal for self-knowledge.

Quantify your emotion, visualize it and understand more about yourself.

Mood Journal

Intuitive and easy-to-use UI design allows you to log your mood with ease. We use emoticons to represent your mood. No more number-guessing.

Quantify your mood changes; take note of the trigger, the moment, the place and your feeling so that you can discover yourself later.

Calendar Mood Map

Easily identify your emotional “hot” days of the month and learn about the repetitive patterns, if any.

Anticipate emotional hot days once a repetitive pattern has been established.

Mood Index

Personal mood index is like your mood KPI. Learn about the ups and downs of your mood at your finger tips.

Zoom in on the day to find out what causes a great dip or an elevation of your mood.

Detailed Mood Index

A detailed mood index by hours of the day quickly let you discover how your mood is and what are the triggers.

Self-knowledge creates self-awareness or mindfulness so that you can avoid a great dip by finding the right things you love to do and make yourself happy.

Start quantifying your mood and discover about yourself today. Download this awesome app on the App Store now.


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